Reminiscing Raghupur

“Don’t go there, you will probably freeze to your death!” Rasped the old lady surreptitiously glancing at me. The chilly draught of wind hit me like an icicle melting on bare skin  sending shivers down my spine. I was in a quandary whether to venture forward and embrace the cold or turn back to my […]

I slipped. I gasped. I conquered.

The experience of Dhankar which plays an elusive game of hide and seek with your vision when you are enroute can be best described as transcendental. When you actually stand at the altar of this ancient village gaping unsteadily at this picturesque wonder, it will beckon you to its fold with open arms.     […]

Chronicling Naggar

Situated around 25 kms from Manali, the Naggar town presents a beautiful kaleidoscope of structures, cafes and culture and is perched amidst breathtaking forested hills. The tiny hamlet takes pride in the stupendous Naggar Castle which has an impressive amalgamation of European and Indian architectural styles and boasts of spectacular paintings on display in the […]